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The TSDS-M2 Mini TDS meter is a compact and portable device used to measure the total dissolved solids (TDS) in a liquid. It provides accurate and reliable readings of the amount of dissolved minerals and salts in water, making it ideal for testing the quality of drinking water, aquarium water, hydroponic solution, and more. The TSDS-M2 Mini TDS meter is easy to use, with a digital display that shows instant results and a compact design that makes it convenient to carry around and use on the go.

Please refer below standard for testing water
0~50ppm ——— High Purity Water
50~100ppm ——— Pure Water
100~300ppm ——— General Pure Water
300~600ppm ——— The water will have an incrustation scale
600~1000ppm ——— Bad Taste Water
Above 1000ppm ——— The water is not suitable for drinking

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