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Di-sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous AR 500g

Di-sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous AR 500g

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Anhydrous disodium hydrogen phosphate is a white, hygroscopic, odorless powder. 

Disodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous is typically used:

  • In the preparation of phosphate-based buffer.
  • Used as an emulsifier and buffer in foods and pharmaceuticals, 
  • As a metal phosphating/electroplating reagent, 
  • As a scale inhibitor (boiling water treatment), 
  • As a textile/leather auxiliary, 
  • As a sequestrant,
  • As a mordant in dyeing, 
  • As a fireproofing agent, 
  • In reagents and buffers in analytical chemistry
  • In cathartic and veterinary laxatives.
  • Also used for weighting silk and in pottery glazes/porcelain/enamels,
  • In tanning 
  • In soldering/brazing
  • Used in fertilizers 
  • In galvanoplastic  
  • As a dietary supplement
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